Thursday, July 19, 2018

Organic Fertilizer for Your Microbes and Nutrients for Your Plants

30+ years of advances by two of the world's leading amino acids research labs based in Japan, have resulted in the 100% natural organic Be-1 Pellets.

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Conventional vs. Natural Organic

At some point, the plant will use up the nutrients in the rhizosphere and you have to make a choice, 1) use a conventional salt-based fertilizer, or 2) use an organic bio-stimulant/fertilizer, such as Be-1.

The challenge with conventional fertilizers is that they often contain salt (sodium-nitrates), which can have a sterilizing effect on microbes in the soil. Since microbes help turn nutrients into usable forms for plants, this means that not all nutrients are being converted into plant-available forms; hence, not quite reaching full efficiency and usually requiring increasingly more fertilizer to achieve the same effect. Often the excess will leach and may end up in our rivers, streams and oceans, causing such phenomenon as algae blooms, which kill salmon, and sterilize our waterways.

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Beneficial Fungi

Soon after applying Be-1, beneficial micro- organisms, the mycelium of fungus (white fungi) and actinobacteria already in the soil, will likely appear on the surface of the soil.

These fungus love Be-1 and multiply exponentially, helping decompose organic matter.  See coconut grounds at left with Be-1 pellets mixed in and activated with water.

A unique benefit of the blend of amino acids in Be-1, fungi are activated to increase the good micro-organisms and improve soil conditions.

Please do not remove them.