Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Using Be-1 Pellets to Accelerate Composting

Below is a terrific article on composting from Purdue University Extension.  Click on the photo to read the entire article.

So what does the Be-1 Pellets have to do with composting? 

It is all explained on the first page, see the role of "microbes" at bottom of first column and top of the second column.

Although, Be-1 contains organic nutrients, the reason it works to accelerate decomposition is that the blend of amino acids in our pellets increase the microorganism populations, and exponentially.

If using the "Cold and Slow, No Turn" method, the pellets should help shave off a few weeks to a few months.  If you are using the "Hot Turn" method, the pellets should shave off at least a few days.  The downside is you will likely have to turn the pile more frequently. 

Throw in some worms, and they should help take a few more days off.  Therefore, depending upon your method and inputs, acceleration will vary.  

While the pellets were developed by our orchid nursery in the early 1970s, and as an in-house organic fertilizer, they work well beyond orchids.  The pellets are all-purpose and work exceptionally well on a large variety of vascular plants in fulfilling their nutrient needs.  In 1995, we added a proprietary blend of amino acids which we later discovered increase microbe populations (bacteria, fungi and esp. protozoa), and have been shown to benefit plants.  Increasing microbial activity also results in higher composting temperatures and faster decomposition of organic matter.

Our 2.2 lb bag will treat one-yard of compost.