Saturday, August 18, 2018

Newsweek: Green Barn Farms

Organic Cannabis Farmer Shares His Secrets


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Soil microbes more important than once assumed

Richard Haney’s USDA soil tests mimic natural nutrient availability. | USDA ARS/Peggy Gred photo


There are more living organisms in one handful of healthy soil than there are humans on Earth. Their impact on soil fertility may soon change soil testing forever.

Soil testing already plays an important role in nutrient management decisions. Standard soil tests reveal levels of particular forms of macro and micro nutrients, pH, salinity and soil organic matter.

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Is Soil our Secret Weapon Against Climate Change?



What if one of the planet’s secret weapons in the fight against climate change was all around us?

What if every country had it in abundance, and it could also be used at the same time to give a better life to those most in need? 

Too good to be true?

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