Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Bamboo Valley in Albany, Oregon
Bamboo Valley in Albany, Oregon Bamboo Valley is an awesome Japanese bamboo wholesaler nearby our headquarters in Oregon. This is the owner, Dain Sansome, standing in front of some Vivax bamboo shoots (aka Chinese Timber Bamboo) which can grow 60' in one summer. Dain got some of his training at Wakayama Bamboo groves in Japan and they are only a few minutes from our Be-1 Pellets' headquarters in Utsunomiya. Bamboo has to be one of the most sustainable materials there is...need to do more with it. Check 'em out:
Asplenium Right fed with Be-1 and left was fed with usual regimen. Be-1 helped make it slightly larger and slightly darker shade of green. June, 2006
Asplenium Nursery
Asplenium Nursery This Asplenium nursery now includes Be-1 in their usual feeding regimen. June 2006